Quote – One

Look at the Mind as a function of Matter, and you have Science.

Look at Matter as the product of the Mind, and you have Religion.


– Shri Nisargadutta Maharaj.



Put on a mask. The real world is mean, cynical place. It doesn’t like or care who you want’s to be or who you are or what you’ve been through or going from. They view you through their own point of view. Clash with their view and you’re dead to them.
Pretend if you want to survive, be the one who they want’s you to be or else…..
Only you can help yourself, search for it. It is out there believe me. I have found it and my aim is to Transitioning with Positivity. Care for those who belive in me, who were there when I needed them the most.
Call it luck or call it karma it doesn’t matter. One universal truth I realize is that, the …….”Life Goes On” 🌞

Have a wonderful day😊

Thank You.


Do you feel like you are struggling right now? Like a known problem or Situation keeps coming into your life and extremely challenges you right now? Something you’ve been confronted with many times in your life…? Then you are not alone. Look around, every one is working on their personal growth. The universe is handing out free lessons. Testing every single one of us right now. To help us get free from the last bits of our ego.



It seems like everyone is facing their personal biggest fears right now. The fear of not being good enough, or ending up alone. The fear of failing, cracking under pressure or the fear of being without love, security or stability. Don’t be scared, but face it. You are ascending. .


Breathe. Trust yourself. You are more than ready.



Fear stops us from moving forward but once you start to face them, step by step it faulters and you gain confidence, which eventually leads to success. Fear is a good thing & the worst thing… depends upon our state of mind, the way we look at it and the best thing is that the view can be change from negative to positive. That’s the life’s struggle is all about. “Struggle” the one thing which always makes sense, it’s good, it’s Divine.

Have a wonderful week😊

Thank You.

“Life is a Journey” …by, An Unknown Wisdom.

Birth is a beginning

And death a destination

But life is a journey

A going — a growing

From stage to stage

From childhood to maturity

And youth to age.

From innocence to awareness

And ignorance to knowing;

From foolishness to discretion

And then perhaps, to wisdom.

From Weakness to strength

Or strength to weakness

And, often, back again.

From health to sickness

And back we pray, to health again.

From offence to forgiveness,

From loneliness to love,

From joy to gratitude,

From pain to compassion,

And grief to understanding.

From fear to faith.

From defeat to defeat to defeat

Until, looking backward or ahead,

We see that victory lies

Not as some high place along the way,

But in having made the journey, stage by stage.

A sacred pilgrimage.

Birth is a beginning

And death a destination.

But life is a journey,

A sacred pilgrimage

Made stage by stage

To life everlasting.

– Author unknown